Kartikeya Sharma
“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” - Frederick Douglass


A university exclusive mobile application, created using Java, intended to serve as a platform for conveniently selling used college books and lab/class notes through local meetups. Allows user to claim or sell books and includes in-app chat support.

Personal Portfolio

Used the React framework, with custom CSS and UI components, to build a statically generated personal portfolio. Used Gatsby as a static site templator for a performant static site. Used GraphQL to fetch extracted JSON files.


Java based mobile application which mimics a flashcard. Introduced additional functionality to allow for a user created database of questions/answers. Restructured the frontend and tailored it to a more streamlined design.


Used Google Reverse Geocoding API to create a web application which allows users to input current geolocation and outputs the exact location on a custom built map using CSS. Additionally, it saves all previous geolocations for visually comparing distances.

Local Favorites

A web application which aims to help users easily get updated notifications on their favorite nearby stores. Uses Google Maps JavaScript API along with Facebook Login JavaScript SDK to display nearby stores and allow users to sign in/sign up.